Twilight Objects

Lasse Schmidt Hansen
Jason Dodge 
Haris Epaminonda
Nicolás Lamas
Francesco De Prezzo
Maarten Van Roy

DECEMBER 02 2021 - JANUARY 27  2022

Pas une Orange is glad to announce the opening of Twilight Objects,  a group show that will be open from Thursday, December 2nd until January 27th.  

The exhibition presents a reflection about the ontology of objects and their -symbolic, narrative and aesthetic- relationship with an environment in which consumption, utilitarianism and overproduction prevail.    

‘The board has disappeared and only pieces of a puzzle remain, with no solution, the image of something without a reference. A field of action beyond fictional and narrative potential. A whitish painting in which the survival of what occurred stands out as a trace, imperceptible and definitive. These marks are the crack of reality, the vestige of the irreversible. Something like a vanitas of the future. We don't know if something extraordinary has occurred or just time passing. Maybe it’s the same.’

Aurélien Le Genissel 

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