Àlex Marco 

DECEMBER 17, 2022 - DECEMBER 18, 2022

Pas une Orange is glad to present ‘Sidechain’, a new audiovisual installation by visual artist Álex Marco.
Pas une Orange ia very happy to present this new production in the context of the second edition of ClubsClubsClubs, a contemporary art festival in collaboration with all the clubs around the city.
A new work imagined in situ for the space of Sala Apolo, one of the historical clubs of Barcelona.

‘Based on the musical concept of ‘Sidechain’, this new work captures the leftovers of a party/night session, to address the nuances that go unnoticed during musical ecstasy and/or drunkenness; a kind of documentary inventory generated as a memory of the festive event.
The industrial, sort of amateur and materialistic style exposes a succession of montages and formal images where the cut-up and references go beyond any deductive or logical narrative for the viewer. The editing is completed by a sound created in relation with the experience, shaking up the perception of the visitor through an abstract proposal, between the claustrophobic and the existential.’

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