Las palabras azules

Antoine Donzeaud
Alice dos Reis
Estefanía Landesmann
Nico Müller
Julia Santa-Olalla
María Tinaut

Curated by Eladio Aguilera


Pas une Orange presents Las Palabras Azules, its third exhibition since the opening of the space at Calle Trafalgar 45. On this occasion, the project is hosting an exhibition curated by Eladio Aguilera, artist and curator.

The exhibition presents a dozen unseen works in Spain by artists from the national and international scene in a challenging dialogue that plays with the limits and codes of the exhibition space.

Las Palabras Azules uses exhibition’s fiction to establish narrative relationships between works that share a dramatic twist. This way, each of the pieces selected for this exhibition - from contention to exasperation - are understood as stories that expand and are enhanced through different media. A project that deals with the exercise of looking twice, feeling twice, contradicting and reaffirming oneself.

Upon entering the room - or the stage -, the conflict of the work appears almost immediately. As in a choral of comedies, a large part of the works come together, as if looking at each other, in a kind of discussion between images. We appear in the tumult at a critical moment, a moment of rupture, of change”. 

Curatorial Text: Eladio Aguilera

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