Álvaro Chior, Mía Coll,
Renato Della Poeta, Antoine Donzeaud, Antonio Ferreira, Álex Marco,
Josep Maynou, Manuel Minch, Estela Ortiz

Curated by Aurélien Le Genissel


Pas une Orange presents Indoor images a group show, curated by Aurélien Le Genissel, that analyzes the new forms of production of images derived from social media and homemade projects.

Heirs of the DIY philisophy and the amateur videos from the beginning of the videoart, these 'indoor images', as the title said, have nowadays a new importance thanks to the digital platforms, the different lockdowns and a low cost of production that allows to create new narratives and a fresh vocabulary in a more independent way

A tendency that develops its own visual vocabulary made of infinite references, unexpected appropriations, humor, ephemeral temporalities and an ultra-fast pace.

Floor plan and text here

Trafalgar 45, 08010 Barcelona
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